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Surfing on the net for topshelf magazines ? look no further whether you require porno magazines which are well respected and well known within the porn world such as The Hustler magazine, Fox Magazine, Private magazine or Color Climax Magazines.  which are not so well known and maybe harder to source NOT FOR US though - we cater for nearly every taste out there and pride ourselves on having over 6,000 individual porn magazines in stock thus making us have the biggest variety of porn mags to choose from anywhere within the UK, remember this site is textual based and is for the purposes ofour advertising needs thus making us more visible on Google, MSN, Yahoo etc

Since the beginning of time man has enjoyed wanking off to forms of pornography, even in cave-man days there has been primative erotic etchings found from this era.

Doesn't seem to matter what media we get porn as long as we get it is the main point.  Growing up in the eighties as I did and as many of our customers did were hooked on VHS porn, porn mags & the odd Freemans catalogue as a teenager it's hard to get your hands on adult mags or sex films.

Although some people who acquire porn magazines are under the age of 25 the majority are over 35 years of age, humans are very much creatures of habit and how we masturbated and what media we used to do it when e were young is still carried forward in our adult lives.  O.K porn on dvd and now the latest way to get your rocks off is to download it....The porn magazines although not so popular these days with everything being digital has definately stood the test of time, and we'd like to know if porn dvds or porn on demand will do the same, doubt it as always there will be a new media form to knock them off, whereas the trusty and old faithful sex magazines  will always be around. let us know your favourite media and any comments you may have, our store is or alternatively use the email address at the bottom of this page to contact us.

Pornography is as old as man. The depiction of the sexual act appear on the walls of caves dating back to prehistoric times. We have all seen the plays set in the 18th Century when men left the dining table to admire the hosts “etchings”, these etchings were pornographic drawings that were illegal in the day but very common among the rich classes.


The advent of photographer took pornography to a new level. As soon as Fox Talbot invented the camera, young entrepreneurs discovered a market for illegal indecent photographs. There was no shortage of models, plenty of prostitutes were happy to work for these erotic photographers, with the knowledge that they were in a far safer environment than their colleagues on the street. Of course highly illegal, the photographers had to take great care not to be caught.

Moving film soon followed and the first porn movies were produced. Again, totally illegal the world over, the marketing of this material had to be done very discretely, but an insatiable appetite of seeing people fuck had been born.

Over the last few decades, an immense industry for porn production has grown. With the scrapping of censorship throughout Europe which started in the late 1960s and ended with the UK in 2000, the consumption for hardcore pornography has grown to saturation point. This was all due to the emergence of the video recorder, dvd and internet, the mass economical reproduction of copies was possible. Porn in 2008 is cheaper in real terms to buy than at any time in history.

The prudish Victorian

The concept of pornography really didn’t exist until Victorian times, although the Greeks and Romans had depictions of gross sexual acts this wasn’t specifically produced to cause sexual satisfaction. Modern porn which was reproduced was intended for sexual stimulation.

When Pompeii was excavated in the 1860s, much roman erotic art came to light. This shocked the prudish Victorians who saw themselves as the intellectual heirs of the Roman Empire. They had no idea what to do with these obscene sexual artefacts, they couldn’t destroy them, so they hid them away. A secret museum in Naples, Italy was used to store these items and for the objects which couldn’t be removed they were cordoned off so that children, women and the working classes simple minds would not fall foul to corruption.






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We at do hope you enjoy the whole adult shopping experience with us? We have been established since 2004 and are the UKs No1 distributor of adult magazines primarily for three good reasons, the quantity and incredible choice of porn magazines we stock, the pricing and most importantly the service we provide our customers.  We cater for a whole array of adult genres such as: gay magazines, she male magazines, teen porn magazines, leg sex mags, MILF magazines, xxx playing cards, big boob magazines, spanking magazines, fetish magazines, adult books, british porn mags, anal sex magazines & amateur xxx mags - just to name a few categories.  We source sex magazines from several different publishers & suppliers worldwide, thus giving our customers the absolute best choice.  Rest assured that we are PCI compliant and that all online orders are received via 3D secure technologies and our website data is completely hacker safe as we currently implement McAfee secure.  All orders except clearance stock orders come with a free xxx mag worth £8, delivery is free of charge to any UK order, although you have the choice of paying an additional charge to receive your porno magazines via our next day delivery service.  Like a bargain? No problem at the moment we have a clearance stock section which sells sex mags for under £3 ea – most of these cheap xxx mags have been discounted upto 80% off.  Here are some of the best selling brands hustler magazines, private magazines, climax magazines, buttman mags, over 40 magazines, whatever you dark sexual desires are we’ll have an adult mag to satisfy.  Please leave us any feedback  you may have about our adult website or the service you have received, we love to hear opinions & comments from our customers.  Thank you for shopping with us.